A Fender Bender And $100

A fender bender and $100 as told by Yingy

So in the beginning of the week I took a Hatzalah call a 16 year old with a ankle fracture, on the call I called his doctor and asked where he would like him to go? So the doctor said i’ll call you back in a few. So he calls me back and says either Dr Teppler or Dr Stein but Tepplers not in. So we transport to 16th ave in Boro Park and bring in the patient and there is this middle aged woman red head sheitel kinda snippy, before I leave I look at the business card rack and there is none so I say can I please have a card and she says i’ll see if I can get you one and she did.

Today when I came back to the Crown Heights, after levayeh of that child that fell from the window, a call came over and I took it and again it’s was a possible fracture so I say to the woman what kind of insurance do you have and she tells me so I say give me a minute maybe I can take you to a private doctor. I call Dr steins office and say its Crown Heights Hatzalah can I bring you a patient with such and such insurance and she says yes. So we carry down the patient and take her there.

We bring her in to the office and this red head sees me and I say, see you gave me a business card and it already paid for itself. At that time the doctor came out to the office and shook my hand, I guess he recognized me from the other day, so I introduced myself, my name is Bistritzky, to which he says Leibel’s son? I said yes and I tell him that dad passed away this year he says let me tell you a story.

One day I was on the east side and made a U-turn and tapped somebody they wanted to make a big deal so I said, listen can we settle this for a $100 bucks? the guy said OK but the doctor didn’t have any money on him so he told the guy one minute i’ll will be right back.

He went into daddy’s store and said, can you lend me a $100 bucks? Daddy didn’t even ask a question and gave him the money.

That was daddy always helping and never wondering if he will ever be paid back . Just sharing a story that I heard today.


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