Today In Our Family’s History (TIOFH for future Posts) – Giacomo Jacob Tedesco

Today Friday the 26th of Av in 1799 Giacomo (Yaakov) Jacob Tedesco was born. He is our great-great-grandfather on the Tedesco side. Here’s how:

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Giacomo Jacob Tedesco

Therisa Cerf
Therisa (Cerf) Tedesco

The oldest Tedesco that I know of at this time is:
Abraham Tedesco – he had a son,
Leon Yehuda who married Ghella Miriam Pollaco – they had a son,
Giacomo Jacob (who’s birthday is today) married Therisa (Yirat) Cerf.They had eleven (11) children of which one was Abram (our great grandfather) who married Sophie (Sprinsa – who Raizy is named after) Cramer and they had 4 children of which one of them was Yutla  (Julie) Travis our grandmother.

A little about Giacomo (Yaakov) Jacob:
– He was born August 27, 1799 in Venice Italy.
– Married Therisa (Yirat) Cerf June 12, 1833 (25 Sivan 1833) in Paris
– Died December 11, 1870 (17 Kislev) during the during the siege of Paris in the Franco Prussian was and is buried in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris. Debbie Lifshitz has been working for many years trying to get his remains moved to Israel. More on this coming soon.

Tedesco Gemara 4
Siyum Hashas


He was a very big Bal Chesed and Tzedakah. He was one of the founding members of the Chevra Shas in Paris which studied the entire Shas over 25 years and made their first Siyum Hashas in 1867 possibly the first public communal one ever. The Siyum Hashas as we know of today started on Sep 11th 1923 more on this can be found ttp://

– He built the first modern Mikvah in Paris around 1833-34.
– He was a Mohel.
– He paid for and was one of the founding members of Ohel Avraham which became known as the ‘rue Cadet Shul (Adas Yereim) which is still in existence today. I have davened there. These pictures were taken in 2007.                        DSC01656 DSC01661 DSC01666

tedesco freres label
Tedesco Label on the back of the paintings that they sold

In 1833 he opened an art supply store in Paris and would give struggling artist supplies and they would give him their artwork to sell and it became a famous art gallery, Tedesco Freres) in Paris and was the family business until 1941 when the Nazi’s Y”M took it over. In 1946 it was reopened and was sold in 1964 at which time it was no longer a major gallery.


More to come in the future IY”H.


4 Replies to “Today In Our Family’s History (TIOFH for future Posts) – Giacomo Jacob Tedesco”

  1. Today October 27th 2013, Debbie Lifshitz finally was able to get him and his wife, our great great great great grandparents buried in Brt Shemesh Isreal. I was at the Levaya, it was very touching. There were hundreds od family members peasant including my grandmother Ruth Perl, and R’ Leibels wife my great aunt Eda.You can reach me at mitchberko at for more info.

  2. Very interesting article.
    I’m sure you know that they have now been brought to burial in Israel.
    He is my ancestor as his daughter married my great great grandfather Rav Simche Bamberger – a son of the. Wurzburger Rav.

  3. I believe I am also related to Yaakov Tedesco ( from Donath). Is there a family tree available on line?

  4. Hi, Abram is my Great Great Uncle! His elder sister (Anna Miriam) is my direct ancestor. She had a daughter called Bella, who then had Alice, who then had my Dad (Peter – now 91). Peter lives in London and moved to the UK to escape the rise of the Nazis from Berlin in 1932. He fought in the British Army during WW2 and went on to become an influential TV Director/Producer. I’m slightly ashamed to say the religious side of the family connection has completely lapsed but we’re all very proud of our roots…Joanthan