One Reply to “POTD – Aunt Rivkah With The Clapman Kids”

  1. Aunt Becky a”h so enjoyed this visit, and those from the many people, young and older, of the Bistritzky clan. Every day that a new post would come out, I would feel such happiness that after she decided to leave her job, and was so afraid she would not have anything to do, all of you that came, filled her time with meaningful conversations, and the company of her family she felt so close to!

    The posts were a special Nechama for me, remembering those who visited, and getting closer to those I didn’t know that well.

    The Sheloshim just ended, and my sadness at the loss of my mother still leaves an void, and an ache in my heart. She will be missed by many.

    A special Yasher Koach to Scheur for researching and posting the many pictures of her in different stages of her life!