TIOFH Ida (Miller) Travis Yartzheit Whom Mommy Is Named After

DSC01748Tomorrow 13 Kislev is Ida Travis (nee Miller) Yartzheit. She was the wife of Yitzchok Naftali Hirsch Travis and the mother of our grandfather Shlomo Travis.

She was born April 10th 1850 in Kovno, Russia and married Yitzchok Naftali Hirsch on June 10th 1865. She died in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1926 and is buried on Har Hazeitim.

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2 Replies to “TIOFH Ida (Miller) Travis Yartzheit Whom Mommy Is Named After”

  1. My maternal great-grandfather was Samuel David Miller, whose sister was married to Samuel R Travis. Samuel David married Anna Finkelstein of Passaic, N.J., and were the parents of four children: Cecilia (Celia), Mae, Paula and Maurice. The Millers lived in Yonkers, NY. Celia was my grandmother, and was married to Samuel Cohen. Their children were the twins Mildred (Mickey) and Morton (Morty). The Cohens lived in New Rochelle, NY. I know nothing about Samuel David or his family. I only knew that he was Russian-born, and sold butter and eggs traveling throughout Westchester County in a horse and buggy. My mother and her cousin accompanied him. He also heavily invested in real estate in the county. The other piece of history is that we had a relative who died in a buggy accident in Oklahoma, possibly in the mid-1800s.

    I believe that your family and I are connected, and if so, would be interested in any information you can provide.

    Susan Fried

  2. Oops. I made a mistake: Samuel David Miller’s sister Ida was married to Isaac R Travis.

    Susan L Fried